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Don't buy cheap Surface chargers


Just thought I'd share a warning about Surface chargers. I needed to replace my OEM one the other day because it frayed at the block and wasn't charging. I couldn't find a replacement OEM charger in the UK anywhere so I bought one from the states. However to solve my immediate issue I bought a 12.99 generic one from Amazon. Since then I've left it at work and had two chargers left in, one at work and one at home. After a month of use this generic one has melted and over heated. A bit scary considering the cost of a new Surface. This is the item: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00K7301B8

Some pics:

20141217_092744.jpg 20141217_092729.jpg 20141217_092725.jpg


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Warning duly noted.

It is a good idea to feel both ends of cables on any connection, whether a charger, a sync cable, any USB, etc. to check for unusual warmth. That often indicates a poor or frayed connection within the cable housing, the use of poorly compatible metals (like copper connecting with aluminum), or bad housing material. All of these are not necessarily short circuits, which can happen also.


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definitely contact the seller and demand a reimbursement! that is totally unacceptable and dangerous! and also leave feedback for others to avoid like the plague!


My charger just had the same thing happen and my SP2 is my only computer so I had no choice but to order a generic one until MS sends a new one (and who knows when that will be? They say I have to send the old one back first!)

Thanks for the warning, though.I'll be careful. I just ordered mine off of ebay.


I think "don't buy," is a bit strong. I am having great success with two each of these.

These are for the RT and are lower Wattage, but they charge our two Pro 2 (4300 cpu) just fine albeit taking a little longer. I have had them both for 6-weeks and in constant use. One at home, one at work and the two mobile in vehicles. The connector never gets even close to warm and both the Surface Pro 2 have the power keyboards.


I am always an kind of a guy like, this kind of stuff needs to be from the real reseller (Microsoft). The money is it totally worth.