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Drawing on photos taken with surface pro


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I am an estimator and take lots of pictures for work (construction/remodel). Any suggestions as to how I can take pictures and write measurements and notes directly on the picture i just took?


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Quickest, fastest way is to use Paint. It is free.

Open the Paint app on your PC, or right-click on the photo and "Open With" Paint.


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For your purposes MS Word may be what you're looking for. What? Word??? Yes.
Click on the image file and it should open in Photos app, right click on the image and pick Copy. Open Word and right click/paste. You can re-size or re-position the image. Right click on the image and under Wrap Text pick Behind text. Using the Draw menu you choose your pen, ink color, etc. You can use Insert menu to add shapes, callouts, etc. and you can use Insert text box to add typed text.
The best part is you can Save As a pdf file.