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Drawings that you have done with your surface


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I got some new stuff to share, first one is Warhammer 40k fanart- ultramarine fighting ork. I actually had to use PC workstation to finish it, but sketches and first steps were done on SP3, just because doodling is so easy on it :) Goblin guy ( I named him Bob) was done entirely on Surface, last doodle is a work in progress- I will probably have to move it to PC too in a bit, because it's rather large image.



Clemson vs carolina 2015b2 (2).jpg
in honor of rivalry week and the No. 1 team in the land!! Who are you all rooting for and let's see your rivalry weekend drawings!!


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Just wondering if we should move this great thread into the graphics forum, since it's not just a SP3 specific application of the surface device? Any objections?

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