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Drawings that you have done with your surface


No don't think it can do layers. I tried again in fresh paint today but don't really get on with it that well I think the pressure sensitivity on the pen isn't set up right for me. I don't think there's a way to calibrate or change that yet though is there.
Try uninstalling and re-installing Fresh Paint. Before doing that, I found that I had to press way too hard, but this procedure seemed to fix the pressure response to a good degree. Someone else mentioned doing this and I thought I'd try it too.


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Did this this evening on my SP3 in Photoshop CC. Playing with the brushes, I get on with this much better than Fresh paint, I had to use the Surface Hub to increase the sensitivity of the pen or I have to press really hard to get it to be visible. Much better after a tweak though.



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So I pulled the nib out of my pen and replaced it and then the experience in Fresh paint was much better... I couldn't get on with it before. I managed this, from imagination.

Getting quite addicted to this, it's quite therapeutic.
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