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Drawings that you have done with your surface


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Yeah, Corel is doing well, even better than Adobe in some fields. I'm not fanboy, but PS always lacked some features- drawing and painting is lacking in dynamics, process always seemed non intuitive and brush mechanics aren't natural. That said, I use PS CC on daily basis, for some tasks it's a must, but when it comes to drawing it's always second option/support software for me.

Corel is keeping it intuitive and tries to compete where Adobe shows no interest- in UI and touchscreen compatibility- it's huge plus that I can set up my interface fully to my needs and I can use it without keyboard without problems. Adobe, despite being in tight cooperation with Wacom and Apple still refuses to acknowledge touch based devices or solutions not based on keyboard. That's weird- Wacom releases second generation Cintiq Companion, Apple has capable tablets and all can Adobe do, is release PS Express. I'm really hoping Adobe will push forward new features for touch based devices, apart from this monster, which really drags it way back to 80's:

Yeah, it's Adobe's touch friendly interface :)
And here's today's progress in Painter 2015 from me:

Is it ok I post it here, or should I make separate topic in graphics forums? This topic seems kind of showcase/offtopic one, so if someone minds me posting here I can stop or move elsewhere :)



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That's really cool, vxm. Do you do everything on the Surface only or do you use other devices for your pictures?


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I have pc workstation but it sits gathering dust in the corner, I've transferred fully to SP3. Don't know about more demanding 3d, but for 2d graphics it's perfectly capable, even for big projects/files that sometimes come my way from company I'm working for.
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