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DualShock 3/4 support?

Has anyone successfully paired a DualShock 3 with Windows RT? I plugged it in with USB, and it loaded drivers recognizing it was a DualShock 3, but it still didn't work, and when I tried to troubleshoot it RT said that because it was a USB 2.0 device, it wouldn't work with 3.0, and I should try it in a 2.0 port (real helpful, MS). Didn't work with Bluetooth either. I'm also wondering if anyone had heard of a DualShock 4 being pairable through BT or USB...


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is that the Logitech one? because I saw a youtube vid of someone using a Logitech controller with no problems! I don't know if it's the dualshock...


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DualShock is made from Sony. There was a test on Polygon but I can't find it now! Sorry, I'll keep my eyes pealed...