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Edge - Yes or No


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I tweaked a few registry's behide edge and its beast. I do not fool with chrome anymore especially deeply reading there browser policies. Firefox Is cool to use as I am also do Programing and use firefox to test out certain instances. my ranking right now.

-IE (Yes I still use ie. why, you ask? Because it is still a great browser.)
Still won't touch Edge with a ten foot poll, you had to do behind the scene developer changes, that you aren't telling us about. It has no extensions no ad blocker but it has all of Microsoft's broken promises lingering over it.
Chrome's browsing policies are no worse than Microsoft's policies on using Windows 10 or Cortana. I'm not a huge fan of it but it syncs with pretty much any device out there. Will never touch IE, a browser so good that the government had to issue warnings to the public not to use. My tech buddies go around the office and set peoples default browser to IE as a practical joke.
Firefox is still the big winner for me. Doesn't have everything but it is stable and can sync somethings, without being a huge resource hog.


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I don't set IE as the default browser as a practical joke. It is set to IE because it is in our companies best practices to have it as the default. I also install Chrome and Firefox so users have them available if they choose. I have always used IE as my primary browser and go to one of the others if I find a site I want to browse doesn't work well with IE but that is a rarity. I guess if ads weren't allowed on the Internet, we wouldn't have a free Internet. I don't like them either but I put up with them.


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I use primarily Edge first and if it's at a legacy website i just click the 3 dots in the corner and select open in IE. I use Chrome sometimes if using Google apps. At work i have some apps that require IE and some that require Chrome. Then some apps that use java that make Chrome and FF impossible to use.