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Erratic pen operation


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I'm using a Spro and my pen functions very erratically. It will work for a minute and then quit for 5 seconds and then work for 10 seconds and quit for 2 and then work for 3 and quit for 20, and on and on... . At other times it will work properly for extended periods. I'm typically only using it for selection. The off/on cycle is so erratic at times that it can't be used. But finger selection always works. I have changed the battery. The small dot on the screen does follow the off/on cycling. Solution ?
Check your environment:

Could be electromagnetic interference from
- Poorly grounded power (mains power)
- Communications equipment, especially transmitters
- Fluorescent lighting, especially if you hear a "hum" from the fixtures

Does the Surface Pro perform the same way when at a different location?

Also could be dirt/grime/debris in the connectors or ports. Magnetic connectors tend to attract metallic shavings or fibers, which may short out connections. Blow out the connectors with air.

Let us know ...
The only fluorescent fixture in my house is in the kitchen, all else is LED. It does work the same all rooms throughout my house. I have no comm equipment locally and my surfacepro is operating off battery. The pen probably operates via bluetooth so not sure what porting may be involved.
Not sure exactly which model you have. Does the keyboard connect with the Surface Pro? If so, clean out that port.
I have the first generation of the Surface Pro. The keyboard does connect with the Surface Pro but it's not the keyboard that's the problem. It's the pen.
Try some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the battery contacts in the pen.