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Touch cover quirk

I was using an old Touch Cover 1 on my S2 today just to see if I'd be able to get by with it (I'd had a similar designed keyboard case for my Xperia and hated it). I noticed that if the kickstand is at the second position, it keeps the cover from being flush with the top of the table/desk, etc. Is this issue fixed with the second-generation covers, or is the keyboard only useable at the original kickstand angle?


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When they dropped the price of the Surface RT I bought one together with a Touch cover. I liked it a lot but did find it a little big sluggish at times, so after I read the early reviews and descriptions of the S2 and new covers I took mine back, got a refund and have now just bought a Surface 2 and a new Touch cover. The new Touch cover is great, I really like it, typing is much easier and quicker.
I don't seem to have any problems with the Touch cover being flush with the top of the table or desk - BUT - when I close the cover, I have the distinct impression that it does not close as 'firmly' as the old one did. When I close it, the cover just seems to rest against the screen and appears to be ready to flop open if I pick the tablet up and tilt it slightly. My memory of the Surface RT and the first screen was that it seemed to close more firmly than this. This could just be my memory playing tricks on me, but I have the definite impression that the new Touch cover is looser or does not 'adhere' to the glass quite as well as the earlier one did.