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Extended warranty question


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I've been thinking about purchasing a SP on eBay or Craig's list. There appear to be a number of sellers who have yet to unwrap their SP. Anyway, I really want the Microsoft Extended warranty. Anyone have any idea if I can purchase a "used" SP from an individual and then purchase the extended warranty from MS? Would it make a difference if the unit was unopened? Thanks in advance, Dave
I doubt Microsoft or any other store would give you a warranty, the only place that I see you getting a warranty from is Square trade.

Which a link should be in the eBay ad rite under the buy it now or bid button on eBay.
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You can try. If it really hasn't been registered you may be able to get the extended warranty from MS. But if they ask for proof of purchase you're probably a dead duck.
I bought my new SP3 from Amazon, and was still able to purchase the 2 year warranty through the Microsoft store at the mall.