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External battery


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I looked for a similar thread but apparently this is the first one. I need to use my Surface at school when I can't use the original charger, so I thought that an external battery would be perfect. Anyway i found 1 battery for Surface on the Internet but I'm not really convinced it works.
Do you have any suggestions ?
Thanks in advance


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I've used an sp3 and sp4 at university for the past 3 years and have never had a single reason to consider a battery pack. Then again, I used mine purely for work, I imagine many want to use it frequently for Facebook, games etc.


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What does Facebook and games have to do with anything?

They were simply examples, but pretty much everything. How you use the device will determine the battery life you can get. I pointed out that for pure work use, i.e turn it off after class, not spending an hour at lunch browsing forums, facebook, playing some counter strike etc, the internal battery on my sp4 is more than enough to get me through a day of university (5-8 hours of onenote or word).

My point in short, depending on how you intend to use the device, there may be no need to spend additional money on an external battery.


OK, gotcha. I wasn't quite following and wasn't sure if you were suggesting that Facebook and game use was the only reason you would need an external battery.

I am actually not a frequent FB user, nor do I have any games installed. I deleted everything right down to MS solitaire. But I do find that even on my new SP2017, which is supposed to have much better battery life, that I am tanking it by the end of the day. I find I am only getting 5-6 hours battery in an 8+ hour day.

I know the OP mentioned using it for school. I can't really speak for that use case. I am often using mine outside and in brightly lit environments. I think screen brightness the largest contributing factors to my short battery life. Perhaps the software as well. I have to combine photos and drawings into reports ands often the machine is working pretty hard, based on how warm it gets.

The car charger helps some, but it doesn't charge very quickly. I am thinking I could probably attach an external battery to the outside of the case.