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Feb. 2014 update still won't install properly


Strangely enough right after I saw this thread, Windows Update declared there were 2 updates ready: the daily Defender information, and Firmware Update Feb 11 2014.

Funny thing is that FW blob, or one with the same name, was installed on Feb 19. Checking the list of installed updates does not, unfortunately, give the file size that was downloaded/installed, so I can't tell if it was the same blob or not.

I was trying to get the Update Troubleshooter. There's a link to it from the Windows Help and Support dialog associated with Windows Update.

However, that link, URL http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9830262 does not connect, the browser indicator just spins and spins. It's really, really bad when MS doesn't even respond to a link to their own website that MS itself provided.

"Messed up" doesn't begin to describe it.


Links works fine for me...

FWIW I tried again a second ago, and still no connection. Weird because every other site seems to be connecting normally, and no firewall, etc. beyond the Windows firewall in the SP2. Puzzling. After all, I don't live all that far from Redmond...


I have come to the conclusion that 2/11 "firmware" update isn't really firmware at all, it is behaving more like software, especially considering the size of the package. I have been having massive issues with my SP2. I can speak from experience having done the following multiple times in the last few days:
1. If you refresh or reset via Windows the update is guaranteed to show up again
2. If you hard reset by holding volume up/power for 20 seconds the update is guaranteed to show up again.

100% of the time it is ONLY this "firmware" that is reinstalled - there's never any other firmware update, thus the others are truly nonvolatile/irreversible as one would expect.

I have had this update randomly show up when I have not done either of the above but I am 90% sure what was happening was that when my SP2 would crash (several times an hour), it would in essence cause a reset that is equivalent to the volume up/power reset. After the 2/11 "firmware" is wiped I get cascading driver issues and more frequent crashes until the "firmware" is installed once again. This is one of the most poorly designed machines I have ever seen :-(


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System firmware is a BIOS/UEFI system firmware AND/OR driver.
That is why Firmwares upgrade, as mentioned on Microsoft website, you can't downgrade.

So if you refresh your system, you'll still have the latest firmware installed but old drivers.

The system firmware seams to not install (only drivers), if you are not plugged in, and fully charged.


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I remember when Windows XP Service Pack 2 came out. It had a direct download link from MS website. Then you would launch and install the .exe.

I was searching for a similar way on the MS website for the SP2 standalone update, but the download doesn't seem to have a launcher. Then there is the display download. Not sure I'm willing to try it.

I wish there was a way to verify each and every item.


I get the following error that I can't resolve, but everything works great and I am just anal about the error.