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File Types for Windows 8 RT


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I have recently bought a Surface RT tablet and am unsure which file types it supports?

I can open PDF's no problemo
Any others I can/cannot open i.e. EPUB DRM???

Any advice would be appreciated :)


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So far, all of the ePub readers do DRM free, haven't seen a solution DRM'd ePubs yet...


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If you mean a DRM's ePub, not yet as there are different DRM Schemes and the ePub readers currently released only support non-DRM ePubs.


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Thanks for advice but I have no idea what all this terminology means :(

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It's copy protection scheme intended to keep people from using DRM protected files of any king from being used on unauthorized devices or by people who didn't purchase the product. Generally that means that if you don't have the software, (app, program etc.) that supports the file or you try to copy it to another device or type of device it won't be usable.