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Band 2 battery life


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So, what is everyone's battery life like? I picked up mine a little over a week ago, and so far I'm getting around 36 hours out of a charge. Here are my settings:

- Clock mode set to turn on with wrist turn
- Automatic brightness
- Automatic syncing
- Notifications on for phone and messaging
- Activity reminder on
- Heart rate monitor on all the time

Mine's paired with an iPhone 6, and I usually go for about a half hour walk each day with the dog, GPS on.

Given that setup and usage, does 36 hours sound right?


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I wonder if it'll deteriorate at the same rate of the original!

Mine used to end the day on about 50% then 20% then 10% and now I just have to charge it every day :confused:


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Thanks for all of the replies. I just did a more careful test, and with an hour or so of GPS mixed in I got 43 hours (4pm Tuesday - 11am Thursday). So, seems like mine is getting just about what it should be getting.


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I get around 36 hours also, and I like that I don't need to charge it everyday, like my Apple Watch.


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I'm traveling with the Band 2 right now.
Heavy use.

Actually, it seems that the worst performance I've experienced (not counting workouts) is about 36 hours, but that is because I keep swiping to check battery remaining.


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That's good to know :) although I prefer just charging every time I get in from work now... if it's every other day, you actually have to think about whether it needs a charge or not.