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First time Non-ThinkPad user from India


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Hi all,

Cheers from India. I just moved to an SP4 - this is my first PC which is not a ThinkPad.

I have used ThinkPads for over 25 years, and loved them. However, Lenovo's strange design decisions in the recent past forced me to look at other devices. And so far, I am very pleased with the SP4. I use it with my own ThinkPad USB TrackPoint Keyboard, not the type cover, and its a close to home experience. I even hacked the keyboard to add in a 4 port USB3 hub, in which I now have two large thumb drives flush inside the keyboard.

I would be very interested to hear from other past ThinkPad users, or from anyone who is attempting to build cross-over devices like me.



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Welcome to the forum

Thinkpads have been my go-to for a long time. There is only one Lenovo I would consider at the moment over a Surface Pro 4 is a Yoga. I have a customer with a Yoga 900 and it's pretty nice but I'll keep my SP4.


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The Lenovo X1 Tablet looks promising, even has the TrackPoint in the keyboard.
16GB RAM 512GB storage but Core-M only... for now ;)

I'm hoping they have better driver engineers as is seems every driver on the Surface can and will fail on an all too frequent basis. I miss the reliability factor a lot on this as yet early adopter platform. I'm coming to the realization by early adopter they mean trial, experimental, alpha, pre-alpha, half-baked.
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Of late, that old bullet proof reliability, whether hardware or drivers etc., has really weakened with ThinkPad.

I was pretty excited with the X1 tablet till I saw the specs. Core M? Seriously? In a $2K + device?


I demo'd the X1, it's nice.
I have two on the way. I received deep discounts from Lenovo for two devices, I went all in.
They arrive Tuesday. I demo'd one for 30 days... very solid.
I have not yet tried the Pico projector module, but the keyboard is solid and the extra battery is nice.
The Dock is actually nicer than the SP3 or SP4 dock, it's more functional.

Don't get me wrong, love my SP3 and 4, have plenty in circulation here, but the X1 is a solid choice. For the price, I couldn't pass it up.