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Found Solution To SDXC Inaccessibility Woes...


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Looks as if it's a hardware issue after all...

Yesterday I was searching on some MS forums about the issue I've been having with the constant "Unable to Access Drive" error I keep getting when I attempt to access the SD drive.

I think I may have found a workable solution. It's been about 24 hours since I applied the fix. My SP3 has been through many sleep/wake cycles, a few restarts, etc. No issues to speak of yet, the drive has performed without incident.

This is what I did: (excerpt from post)

4.) Attach a couple of pieces of tape, a thin sheet of paper, or some other very thin layer to thicken your micro SD card up to 0.03 inches. Make sure you do this on the side OPPOSITE of the gold contacts. The goal is to thicken the card to allow the spring tabs to more tightly tension the card against the contacts of the card reader.

Full post here: (7th or so down from the top)


Any and all feedback welcome!
Correct, it's not the first time I see this fix applied. Some has used apiece of electrical tape.
Well, that's interesting, as nobody mentioned that solution when I had expressed difficulties with my SDXC Drive.
Glad that worked for you I had mentally dismissed it since some people say it doesn't work. I suppose that could depend on applying the right amount in the right place or maybe some other factor affecting the connections. Many have commented that the SanDisk card is thinner than other cards while others say they have one that works fine and they never had any trouble with it. IMO that's an issue with the card. YMMV.
This is a common workaround, but not a guaranteed one, also used with sim cards in mobile phones that have less than perfectly designed sim trays.
There's always the possibility that there is something wrong with your card slot/socket/circuit.

However if the SP3 is on the big end of the spec tolerance and the SanDisk is on the small end of the spec, mating may be perpetually problematic.