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Frustrated! How many more problems?


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I seem to be experiencing lots of problems after only being a surface owner for a couple of weeks. Firstly and most annoyingly is Wi-Fi connectivity which is shockingly bad... so bad I found myself using my old netbook to list an item on eBay today because it simply wouldn't load. It shows a good strong signal most of the time but this doesn't seem to prevent certain pages (paypal is another) being tremendously slow to load, if they load at all. I noticed this early but was reassured by the fact that Microsoft seem to be aware of the problem and hope for a fix soon.

Secondly, the random times it mutes (I thought it was me catching the keyboard until I discovered this is an issue that's others have found too). the only answer to this seems to be an exchange.

Thirdly, (i'm not sure this is an actual issue or me being overly picky) I've noticed whenever the screen is dark or at least dark at the bottom, there is a faint random and isolated glow just left of the Microsoft icon, about half an inch long and extending a couple of mm up the screen. It's barely noticeable... until you've noticed it... now it bugs me because it's inexplicable and out of place and I wonder has anyone else noticed this or is it some sort of screen fault on my particular surface.

I've just about decided to trek all the way back to John Lewis (kinda wish i'd bought from Microsoft websight now) where I purchased it from and request an exchange. I wondered if anyone else has also bought from John Lewis and are they likely to dispute exchanging it?

From the repeated problems that keep being mentioned, it would probably be more sensible to ask for a refund (if I could even get one now) but i'm loathed to do it. No other tablet holds the appeal of the surface for me. I NEED that USB port, if it wasn't there I would've stuck with my netbook. I NEED Microsoft word, no other word processor cuts it when you're a writer IMO, bringing me to the keyboard... which I also NEED. Its super portable and super thin, great for my ebaying and such (when it's working). Being a tablet is a bit secondary for me, more something I wanted in my PC rather than an actual requirement (I hate tip tapping on a teeny weeny phone that I can hardly see) it's all the useful features of my gadgets in one (and my phone can go back to being a phone, I don't need my phone to do handstands) There's no doubt I would be deliriously happy with surface if everything was working as it should be. They are, in some ways, minor hiccups, but for £480 they are issues I really didn't expect.
Better to try to exchange it (successfully) than let it drive you nuts! Let us know what happens.
have not had a problem with wifi connectivity at all. yes better get it replaced. Sorry you got a lemon.
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Have you installed all of the updates? They should take care of the muting issue. Also there is a known WiFi issue but if you are connecting then you probably don't have it. You need to make sure your router firmware is up to date and then restart it.
Have you installed all of the updates? They should take care of the muting issue. Also there is a known WiFi issue but if you are connecting then you probably don't have it. You need to make sure your router firmware is up to date and then restart it.

yes I've installed all updates. the router is new, it belongs to my granddad and he's the kind of person to keep everything updated to the minute, although I will check he has done this with the router. I didn't think it sounded like the usual Wi-Fi problem (I've had it go to 'limited' once or twice but not while connected to home network and when i'm struggling with surfing it's when I have a full signal strength).

I've phoned John Lewis this morning and given them a list of my issues. they've suggested I take it in store (don't know what I was hoping for really). They've said about the light at the bottom of the screen that it sounds like a white spot/light spot? which can apparently happen with these kinds of screens. is this a fixable problem does anyone know?
I had issue with an old router I was using. I had issue with my Windows Phone also losing it's connection as well. Once I replaced the router, I have not experienced any connection issues. As for the volume, mine still mutes or jacks to 100% volume every once in a while. It seems to me to be a big with the volume keys and the pop up that they launch. If I adjust the volume on the settings screen (Charms - Settings - Volume) then my volume seems to remain as set.
Maybe I got lucky with my Surface, but I haven't experienced any of the issues you describe. I would return it for a new one.
I have no complaints whatsoever about my Surface Wi-Fi connection or the speed of loading etc. In fact it's the best experience I have had in terms of watching live tv on the internet- no buffering at all.
Sounds like you have a faulty unit. My Surface exhibits none of the issues you mention. Rather than look for some way to get a quick-fix ... it sounds like you're going to need to suck it up, and send it / take it back for a replacement. If you're going to a John Lewis, I'd suggest that you ask to confirm the new unit has none of the problems you've seen in the old one before accepting it - you want to be able to open it and turn it on right there in the store to confirm it doesn't have the same screen issue for example.
Did you try a refresh on your Surface? I see alot of threads with what seems to be, software related problems(not the glowing button problem). But no one seem to have tried to do a refresh(reinstall Windows RT). I had some troubles with my ultrabook running Windows 8 pro, and when I did a fresh install all problems went away.
A bright light at the bottom of the screen?
I doubt if its fixable... then again I am not a HW guy.
It is an LCD phenomena called "light leak" when viewed in total darkness. Anything with an LCD from notebooks to TVs have that. Manufacturers take care of minimizing it, so you can check with Microsoft.