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Screen Smudge or Dead Pixels?


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I exchanged my original surface I mentioned in this thread a while back. My exchange does not have the air bubble issue but whenever I am on a white background there seems to be this black diamond "smudge" on the screen. It's annoying, but not all of the time, fine in games, movies, photos, etc. It's hard enough to see that if I wanted to exchange it they'd probably think I was crazy. You only really notice it after extended use of time (exceptionally annoying in MS word).

See attached image:

Anyone else have these faint black smudges on their surface?
I just got mine exchanged because of something similar. In my case there was something that looked like a smudge but it was an area that was brighter than the rest (about 2x5 pixles in size). It started small and got bigger. They were not stuck pixels and it looked more like a light leak (possible delamination of the special LCD that MS developed? - just a guess).
I decided to return it and just got my replacement back after exactly one week (Ohio, US). However, the replacement has a dead pixel third from top and right, which is just as annoying.
contemplating on another return.....
I still love the RT, but this is frustrating.....
I remember a few years ago where some screen issues were caused by flaws in how the screens were secured to the bezels. Light and dark spots appeared on different areas of the screen because of too much pressure. I think early Nexus 7 tablets had issues with loose bezels and screens with dark/light areas because of poor quality control, etc. Dark areas appeared on some tablet's screens because of some component too near the screen getting over heated. Plus with how many of these screens that are being produced makes it possible to get a few duds. Even some iPads had yellowing issues with some screens. Hopefully you get your new RT without anymore issues. Good luck.