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Hello, Question: Surface In-Warranty Advanced Exchange (Online) Missing


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Is it just me or is the Advanced Exchange option that used to be online on devicesupport.microsoft.com and myservice.surface.com have vanished? Or at least not appearing.

Did I incorrectly registered my device? I ask because, I first noticed it going and coming back during summer 2016 and now I have upgraded to a new Pro 2017 and I just don't see it.

I tested going to the page with Safary, Edge, Chrome, Firefox ect... Nothing!

What makes it worse is that I see no one talking about it, not on reddit, google or anywhere! Is the topic being filtered out or something? You can barely run a search related to the advanced exchange and expect a decent and recent comment or post about it any where. Which leaves me with 1 possible answer, it shows up for everyone, but not me.


Every time i try to submit a question to Microsoft Surface support with these set of keywords:
"advanced exchange online" & "advanced replacement" the system seems to rejects my connections request. I attached a screenshot.


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Welcome. Have you tried just contacting surface live chat and asking them in real time?