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Issues with eBay and paypal


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Ok, so this is my second surface (first one exchanged due to several problems). I've had much better look with Wi-Fi on this one and in general browsing has been much faster and connectivity much improved, however... I'm still having problems with certain actions that I use on a regular basis.

The first is logging into/paying for stuff with paypal. It works better than the last surface I had but there are still times I resort to paying using my mobile because paypal simply isn't loading, or it'll get to a certain stage of the confirmation process and then not load. Logging in, even when i'm not buying, I sometimes have the same issues.

The second is selling on ebay (which I do regular enough for this problem to be really annoying). as with paypal I may be able to get part way through the process (not always, sometimes I can't even get past the first page) but I have yet to complete listing an item using the surface because I always encounter a problem somewhere along the line. A page just won't load or won't load properly (for instance when uploading a picture, the browse button is nowhere to be seen-refreshing generally just gives me a white screen where it tries to load forever).

I was wondering if this has anything to do with these pages been secure? I don't know, i'm not all that technically minded. But I need to be able to sell on ebay, I can't mess about doing it on my phone all the time which is my current back up.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance


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I found a marked improvement on both paypal and ebay. unfortunately I still encountered issues uploading a picture when trying to list an item. the browse button was there and it was attempting to upload but despite being left a good 20-30 it had still not managed to upload the picture. any more tips? the compatibility mode certainly helped out