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[GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

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I have several applications that I am working on and I would love to be able to compile and test them on a Surface RT. Last weekend when I went to Orlando I stopped at the Microsoft Store and played with a Surface RT. I then wrote a post for our local technology user group and now have people asking about the unit I would love to be able to show them what it can do.


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Really Really Really Want One

I would love to have a Surface for work and home use. The uses at work will make be paperless for all of the meetings that I have to attend and projects that I'm working on. For personal use, a tablet would break my tie to the desktop computer and this appears to give desktop capabilities in tablet form.


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I am 71 years old and would love to have a tablet because I am partially disabled and cant get to my computer which is upstairs in the house where I live. If I had a protable tablet I could be on the net whenever I wanted. Good luck to all.


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I would love to use Surface for work. I do alot of remote control at work and its tired to carry a laptop around. I tried Android/Apple tablet does not have the Microsoft stuff that I need.
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