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[GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

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I would love to have a Surface tablet! I would like to say I would use it mostly for school, but I have a feeling a good deal of fun would be had as well. Nice to see MS putting out some hardware!


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Contest is now live!
What if we loathe Facebook and therefore don't have an account?:(

I'll try anyway even if I can't like on FB.

We are a huge Microsoft shop here at work. I would use my Surface not only for personal book reading and web surfing, etc, but also for development purposes.
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I am hoping to use my Surface RT as a light-weight, extension to my work desktop. I love the portability and long battery life. I will quickly upgrade to the Surface Pro when it is available so I am 100% compatible with my Windows 8 and Office 2013 desktop. I'm really looking forward to running Outlook and Live Meeting on the Surface Pro.


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I plan to use surface for everything I use iPad for, plus MS Office and future apps not yet developed. USB device compatibility, and micro SD storage makes iPad obsolete.


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I had a chance to work on one for a while: it's nearly a laptop replacement. I am a professor, and I hope to use it for lectures, and a bit of games with my 2 year old!


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I would initially use this for work because we have a piece of software that manages mobile devices but it is limited to Apple products at this time, it would be great for testing here to get our stuff working with Windows RT.

After that I imagine I would use it for a little bit of play since I have not used a Windows mobile device yet and have been an Android centered for a few years now.

I have to admit this thing looks pretty nice and I am really interested in what it can do.


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Apparently, posting that you are not a Facebook user is not allowed as my last post was deleted.

For what its worth, since this post may be deleted too, I would give it to my girlfriend.


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Living in Turkey so as well as the usual uses (communications - email, skype & chat to my friends & family back home) also watching TV and films in English using VPN setup.

Interesting to see that for many entrants this is their first post on this site.
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