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[GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

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I will mostly use it for play. I love gadgets and I love to tinker so it would be so awesome to win one of these just to check it out and see how it compares to Android. I'm also surprised that MS was the first to come up with a cool keyboard dock design. Thanks for offering an awesome giveaway.


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What I would do with a Surface

I would use mine instead of my big heavy laptop - which is great for games but clunky for just checking email and browsing the web. Plus, with full MS Office support, I could take it to meetings and show it off to all my iPad-toting colleagues.


I will use it to bring cheer and great merriment to all, and my personal entertainment!
Licked and done...errr liked that is.


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I would use it for my schooling and hobbies alike. It would be nice to have that mobility and productivity combined while at school or work. As for my hobbies, I dabble in development so this would be perfect for testing apps that I would have developed on my PC via the teamviewer or remote desktop apps on the Surface. Thank you :)


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I would use the Surface to test my apps as I develop them. I would also take it to work with me instead of my laptop to watch videos and browse the web. The built in keyboard will be nice. :)


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What would I do with a Surface?

I would give it to my wife, who found the Touch Cover amazing, and plans to use it in the University instead of her laptop.


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What I'd use it for...

Work and carrying my ebook collection around. And maybe testing an app or two, though its been a long time since I last cut any code. I'm a database guy these days


In my day to day work as an IT / Network consultant. Great looking device with all the functionality you could ask for in its form factor!
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