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[GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

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I would use this baby for work to evaluate the security as a information security officer, and for play because it is sweet! Lastly I would do some personal development!


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I am going to use the Surface for work and play. This device would work very well for everything I would need it for. I would love to win one of these. That would be EPIC!


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I am a field technician and I could really use the surface to hold all my technical manuals. It would be awesome!


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I would use the Microsoft Surface for work and play, I love new gadgets and pushing them to their limits just to see how well it performs. Just reading and watching reviews has me very intrigued. Thanks very much for the opportunity to win one.


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With the Surface, it will take over my desktop at home, table for reading and games, laptop at work and travel. 1 world, 1 Surface.


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I liked it on facebook and will use the Surface for both work and play. From using it for my National Defense University classes in information management which are run on Google sites that the Air Force blocks, to play such as streaming track cycling and taking courses in Persian. The Surface will be incredibly useful for productivity and entertainment. Plus I know that my family can enjoy the games and other features.


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I would LOVE a Surface tablet. It's everything I need for work and play. I'd use is in my day job as a Network Engineer, then I'd relax with some games, and even let my kids use it for movies and learning apps.



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I'll be using my Surface for work and play - work being the creative writing I enjoy doing. It'll be much easier to carry around than a laptop and I love the keyboard!


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I'm a Realtor and am "in the field" all day long! Whether it's showing homes to buyer's, providing a listing presentation to a seller, or collecting digital signatures on an offer from a buyer, where I go, my laptop goes. Can't wait to get rid of the clunky Toshiba and move on to my Surface!


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How I will use the Surface

I intend to use the Surface for work, play and school. I'm currently in school full time and feel that the Surface will be a great replacement to using my laptop and desktop. In addition, I'm an amateur writer and would love to use the Surface for my writing.

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