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[GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

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Would definetly use this for when I am away from the family on military duty. And for games and movies of course!


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I have a surface but would like to give one to my wife who is a kindergarten teacher. She would use the Surface in the classroom as well as to organize all the documentation for state testing that is required. The Surface could be a huge help because it uses the same windows platform as her school. thanks!!


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I had the exact same comment as Trovahead posted on Facebook. Looking for something I can use to integrate into the classroom


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I would be using it for play at work. I work on the go an I need something to do while I wait. Reading, gaming, surfing, this would be great for it.


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I plan to use my Surface RT mostly for pleasure; reading my email, web browsing, and enjoying apps. Occasionally I'll use the Office 2013 for work projects where mobility is key.


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I'm a student studying Science at university, so i would mainly used the surface as a tool for writing my assignments (of which office would be a great help, as i only have openoffice on my pc) and researching information, i don't have and cannot afford a laptop right now, so the surface would be a great help for getting work done when i am away from home.

Of course i would probably also use it as a media consumption device when i can, watching films or tv while out or as an e-reader.


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What a great contest!! I will use the Surface for both work and play...although primarily for play. It'll be great for streaming Netflix or watching videos from the Store. I'll also use it for email and calendar (both work and personal). It'll also be great for opening and using Office documents "on the fly". Thanks for the chance to win!


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I would be using the tablet for both work and home since I can do quick edits to some word documents and powerpoint.


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I'll use my Surface RT to demonstrate to others just how awesomely capable it (both the device and Windows 8 RT) is as both a media consumption device as well as productivity tool so that Microsoft can sell even more of these babies!
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