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Keep Outlook 2013 Running - More like a smartphone or tablet


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A feature of smartphones and tablets (such as iPad, etc.) is that the email app continues to run in the background.

On Windows 8.X, when Outlook is closed, it is closed. Using mail Rules in Outlook are very handy, but they are only processed if Outlook is running. Of course, you can remember to iconize Outlook rather than clicking the "X" to close it. But if you wish to have Outlook continue running in the background, here is what you can do:
Keep Outlook Running.

1. Copy the two .dll files to your Windows folder (usually C:\Windows).,
2. Start Outlook 2013, and click File, Options, Add-Ins, and the "Go" button at the bottom marked "Manage"
3. Browse to the .dll files and choose the 32 bit or 64 bit. If one is rejected, try the other.
4. Verify that the "Keep Outlook Running COM Add-in" is now listed in the Add-ins list. You are done.

You can always disable this feature later as needed. Nice to have.

Though the Mail App can keep running in the background if desired, it is not fully compatible with Exchange email accounts, including Calendar, Contacts, and Rules.

Note: If the add-in is not being added to your Outlook, try launching OUTLOOK.EXE from your .../Office15/... files with Right-click "Run as Administrator". You only need to do this once.

Also works with previous versions of Outlook.

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Thanks! Great post.

Actually though, I rather like being able to shut mine down. I'm mapped to my companies Exchange server via Outlook. My mobile is EAS and always on, but sometimes, I like to "shut if off".