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Going round in circles... using OneDrive effectively


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I've been searching for a while now to get the correct usage I want from OneDrive. However, everyone seems to have different ideas and I can't find a step by step guide for my requirements... what I want is quite simple, I think.

I would like all documents and pictures from my Surface to be automatically backed up to corresponding folders on OneDrive, minimum effort :) I swear this was already happening, but it isn't as I used OneDrive for the first time on my iPhone last week and none of my 'recent' pictures were on there, only the ones I had previously selected to manually upload. Can anyone help with this?

I'm sure there must be a way to do this without scratching my head much further!


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Hi! I'm from Argentina so excuse for the bad English! I think what you have to do is go to Settings in the charm bar, then go to Skydrive and then enter in camera roll and select "upload photos..."


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I recommend downloading this program called Synctoy.
Wow... I don't think I'll rush out and layer another sync protocol on top of OneDrive -- especially being as it was last updated in 2009. Windows7 is the latest OS listed in the compatibility list.


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Create the folders you want and add them to your library and make it the default location, everything is available where you expect it to be and its backed up. I now have around 120GB of data on my OneDrive available across my entire eco-system.


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My OneDrive is my default Documents folder. I like the way everything is synced up for me - and my iPhone camera roll too.
So last night I launched Office for iPad. All my Office docs were there and brilliantly rendered.

I want to kiss somebody. :)


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Right... so create the folders on OneDrive and get my Surface to automatically save to that? Question is, will it save locally too? I was reading about Office for iPad today and it stated when you save your document it automatically saves it both on OneDrive and locally, that's what I want!


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Yes, anything you save on your Surface is available offline and changes will sync again once you have connectivity.


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Man, I've been using OneDrive since SkyDrive was first released and you'd get 25GB of space. Never had an issue then, never had an issue now. I even setup my iPod Touch, yes that's iPod with OneDrive and I can see all my folders and files that I give permissions to.

As for the Surface, I usually just work from the OneDrive directory...nothing kept locally unless I want to make a copy of it. Doing that, there's nothing to truly sync since everything was kept and worked on from the OneDrive directory.


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Man what's with the hard to read text?
It's small and in Italic :/
To add to your point my Onedrive works great too, I use it on my iphone, xbox (Yes, really),
Surface and my other laptop. I've got plenty of space there since I only put small files there.
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