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GOOD experience with Advance Replacement service!


Hi all!
I'm moaning a lot about MS and the Surface but this time I have to share some very positive experience:
due to the broken driver issue I asked for an adv. replacement and it arrived very quickly. I don't remember how many days it took, maybe 2 or 3.
Today the guy called me back as agreed, asking if everything is fine. I told him that it is, apart from some bad backlight bleeding. He almost encouraged me to trigger another replacement. He said MS wants me to be happy, so they'll exchange my device until I'm satisfied, Quote "even if it's 5 times". I say trigger, because it turns out I can do this myself, without even having Support involved.

I also asked about the strange battery indication and he confirmed this is a know issue which will be resolved.
Also the unprecise Stylus seems to be something MS confirms and commits to work on it.

He even knew about a rather small issue I observed: when using the Stylus in Desktop mode, especially when installing programs, it is sometimes necessary to move it away from the display a few centimeters, to make it work again in the installation menues. He wasn't sure if that's a bug or a security Feature, however, I was impressed he even knew that. I haven't seen other people around here complaining about it, so it seems to be not a well known thing.

I forgot to ask him about Minesweeper and Mahjong crashing so often but ok, I can live with that :)

So far, some kind words from my side :)
Check your system info as you also may have gotten a bump in specs to the i4300 instead of our i4200 which is a little faster. Post back as I'm sure people will want to know...:)
Check your system info as you also may have gotten a bump in specs to the i4300 instead of our i4200 which is a little faster. Post back as I'm sure people will want to know...:)

haha! Sure I have checked it already - it's the regular one :-(
Although - I can't imagine it any faster to be honest. Everything I do is just instant.

One thing might be worth mentioning: the guy on the phone said they are working to fix a couple of issues and "with the new update (not neccessarily the NEXT) it will also become significatly faster". Maybe the new specs are just SW/FW releated? That they adress the same hardware in a way that it reports to be something else? Just a very humble thought, not even a suspicion.
Damnit, I should have asked him, what he means by faster. I haven't heared anybody complaining about speed.
Nice to see someone posting about a good experience. Ive never had any issues with exchanges and am very happy with the service I've received.
I'm glad to hear it worked out for you. That gives me some hope :) - I never found the surface to be slow at all.. Every issue I have "Except bad screen" are fixable problems that could be done via software/firmware updates.
BTW, I have had MS mice ever since. Some of them died. MS always replaced them. Once they sent me a 9000 instead of the "natural 9000". I called them, they apologized, said I shall keep the wrong one and sent me a new one. The just had none on stock, so they sent me the whole Desktop kit
I believe each of you posting their negative experiences and feel with you, just think its, worth sharing you the good news as well.

BTW, a good friend of mine is at war with Apple. They sent him the most expensive 15" Retina dead on arrival and all the replacements were refurbished or wrong configuration. So, things go wrong everywhere. Maybe at MS just more often
Glad you had a positive experience, I have been waiting to replace my 512GB version since 12/16. Currently on the phone with Microsoft to see if my replacement shipped like the customer care advocate said it would.