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Surface Challenge Launch Event


Did anyone of you go to the Surface Challenge? How was the turn out? I went to the one here in Scottsdale Arizona and the turn out was mediocre. I was first told they would have a vary limited number of Pro 2's but can't disclose which ones or how many. I wanted the 256 but they said they have none of those. 4 people walked away after hearing that but I stayed for the Challenge because they were giving out MS Gift Cards. Anyway, they had 2 lines, one for the Challenge and the other for people who just wanted it buy. I decided to skip the Challenge and wait in line to buy. After after about 30 min of lame trivia games, like "what is your name? you win a hat..." An MS employee comes out and asks us which model we wanted. I told him I wanted the 256 and he just said "OK". I told him I was told they don't have any but he said they had enough for the turn out. I was so glad I stayed and felt bad for the 4 others that took off earlier.

I think there were only about 30 of us in line and half already had pre-orders. Pretty sad for a launch. They started handed out the prizes (shirts, hats, pens with stylus tip, flash lights) to everyone at the end because they had so many left over. They also had sacked lunches and when I left, they still have more than half left over so people were taking a multiple bags of those too.


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Honestly, it's just that Microsoft isn't a hot-entertainment-cool-consumer brand. They've been a corporate standard for so long that I don't see MS-type users would go for hype, and the first marketing pitch last year in a desperate attempt to be "cool" completely bit MS in the ass. Besides, I'm betting lots of people are just waiting for more time to pass to see how stable the scene is, as more and more Win8 things hit the market this time of the year. That the 8.1 RT update was pulled didn't help with public recognition, I'm sure.

I was too far from those events anyway, but if people have some extra swag they'd like to get rid of... :p (Is it Surface-branded or MS?)