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Who Loves their SP3 - Positivity Thread


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I finally made the leap last Friday and picked up the i5 128GB and Type Cover from Best Buy. I have resisted the "Pro" urge since I pre-ordered my RT a couple of Octobers ago because the RT was meeting all my needs (I did trade up to the Surface 2 several months ago, and it is definitely worth it if you're sticking with RT). However, I have been lusting after the SP3 ever since it was released because, IMO, Microsoft fixed everything that I thought was wrong with the first two Pros (weight, cooling, battery life, etc.). It also looks amazing (again, my opinion).
I'm using it on the road as I type (which is a much more enjoyable experience on the new keyboard). Prior to heading out I installed Office Home & Student 2013 and Outlook 2013 and of course they're working flawlessly, but I had that capability on the RTs and it didn't cost me extra. More impressive are the Steam games I installed like Portal 2, something I couldn't do with the RT, and it is running great. Admittedly I am running it at the default low resolution settings. I may play with the settings later but since the SP3's onboard graphics aren't really designed for heavy gaming I'll likely leave well enough alone. I'm tempted to install Bioshock Infinity just for giggles, who knows maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised (again). I also installed a game from Steam that requires a controller for optimal game play and it's nice to have that option now.
I like everything about the SP3, it is a mind-boggling jump from the RT. Movies play great and look amazing, Netflix streams like a charm (even on motel WIFI) --- everything works better and faster now. This thing is one elegant piece of hardware.
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I absolutely love my SP3. It has replaced my laptop (Dell XPS 15z) and tablet (Surface RT). I can't get over the versatility, from being integrated into my work day in a docking station, to working away from my desk with a kick stand, to my personal device at home as a tablet. I also never thought I'd be "an inker", but now I can't imagine having a device without a pen.

I best describe it as the perfect significant other. You can put her in a business suit and she's a professional. You can put her in jeans and she'll roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty. You can put her in a little black dress and show her off. Then you can come home and remove her keyboard and she's ready to have some fun!


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It's a keeper! Unique device, among so many plastic, fantastic wonders, and imitators out there. I own lenovo laptops ( desktop replacement- quad core core i7) for heavier duties, but my SP3 core i5/256/8 is a pleasure to work on. and Win 8 is not the "dog" I thought it was going to be. And since MS will no doubt be updating its touch screen software in short order, I am not worried. I would recommend the SP3 to anyone who would like to put a little fun back in their computing...It's a tablet...it's a laptop...wait a minute....


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The more I use mine, the more sure I am that I can never go back to using a separate laptop and tablet setup. The SP3 is a dream come true for me.

A powerful PC when needed and a tablet when I want it to be. I am a little surprised this thing is not selling like crazy..


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I am a little surprised this thing is not selling like crazy..

1. Price
2. Even though the SP3 is in the same price range as the Macbook Air, most people see the SP3 as a tablet (I don't blame them since it does not come with the keyboard) whereas the Macbook Air is obviously a laptop. Why would I buy a tablet for the same price as an expensive laptop (i.e. the Macbook Air)? - the general population.

Personally, I have a SP3 and love it. The touchscreen, pen, ability to be a tablet and laptop, etc. are the reasons I bought this over a regular laptop, but I would argue that most people don't see it this way.

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Since the SP3 replaced my laptop and my tablet I have to include the price of them both when doing a cost comparison.

My late 2013 MacBook Pro retina was $1,500 and my Note Pro 12.2 was $650. That's $2,150 plus tax whereas my SP3 was $1,300 and the type cover was $130. That's a total of $1,430 plus tax.

$1,430 is a whole lot less than $2,150 and I am not dealing with 2 different devices and OS's..


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Near two weeks in now and still loving my i7. Had no overheating issues. Only had limited wifi connectivity once so so far so good.

It's even helped me save my dead desktop PC by downloading an ISO of win 7 and various drivers I needed.... go SURFACE!
I'm enjoying mine so much so far. A few hitches along the way, but nothing some communal discussion can't fix! Been a tinkerer all my life, and enjoying the new gadget. Sorry for everyone with screen issues, my friend had a few dead pixels, but my one is gorgeous :-D

See y'all around.
While my SP3 went through my hands and back to MS in a day for the time I had it I loved it.

I never used my SP1, walked around with it all the time and very weighty when it's not being used, then I got a Nexus 7 and didn't even take it out anymore, it was a waste of money for me, but I paid out to ensure the idea survived. However the SP3 is a far better machine in build design and user practicality, it is my perfect tablet. I just hope my replacement is new like my original perfectly pristine without the scratch on the screen which forced me to return it, my biggest fear is a day old SP3 being replaced by a reconditioned unit. (I am assured by Customer services this wont happen -.- )


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Very happy with my SP3 i7/512. Ditched my Lenovo Yoga and I am now SP3 100%. Heat has not been an issue for me. Getting used to the keyboard. If I could adjust from my clickity clack IBM keyboard, I can