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GPS USB dongle


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I recently replaced my Surface Pro 1 with a new Surface Pro (2017) i5 256 version, but when I connect my GPS dongle, there does not seem to be any recognition of the device. It is a Microsoft GPS and I normally used it on my old Surface Pro without a problem. No additional drivers were required. Anyone have any ideas? I use it with a couple different programs including OpenCPN for marine navigation, and Navmii for road trips.
I have the Surface Pro LTE and I can not get the native GPS location to work with Google Maps or Microsoft Maps Pro.
But the location does work with the new windows 10 Maps. go figure.
Any help out there for optimal configuration??


Also interested in an answer to this question for my SP "5" (2017). Would be nice to know a solution to add a usb gps dongle to be able to use in conjunction with navigation software apps in the microsoft store or windows maps.