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Headset or Earbuds


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I was watching a movie on Netflix last night and decided to change to my headset. Didn't work. No sound. Tried a set of earbuds and same result. I read where the plug handles both mic and speakers.

What kind of headset do I need to get?

Thanks for the reply. I checked out your Altec on Amazon and noted that it has a built in mic so the plug must be wired differently. My $10.00 "Walkman" headset doesn't work so it's either that or a hardware problem.
I saw some Beats on QVC or HSN last night. They cost $300! Anyone try these with your RT?
I will not spend $300 on Beats, I also use an AKG-702 with the RT, but amplified externally. The JVC "marshmallows" are fine too, but they're no longer produced.
I guess the best thing to say is disregard this thread. I thought I had the jack all the way in but the last 1/16 inch took a lot of pressure. I was afraid that I was going to break something. All works fine now. Consider this issue resolved.

I think I'll look on Amazon for an inexpensive set of bluetooth headphones.
Hi Arnold, I recently purchased the AKG Q701 and am now looking for an external amplification. May I ask what do You use with Your K702's? How do they sound on the Surface? I presume You listen to wave files on it as from what I understood Flac is still not supported on the Surface?
@thorn, I have a thread called Surface RT + AMB Labs USB DAC. It contains information about my setup. The Surface sounds good even with the Altec in-ear monitor.