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Bluetooth connection issues


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Microsoft have confirmed that they are aware of the issues and working on a fix. I have been added to a notification list for an early notice when they have it fixed.


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For bluetooth headsets/audio receivers disconnecting during silence I have found kind of a easy but at the same time stupid fix. Just play a silent/blank mp3 in repeat in Windows Media Player all the time. It will force the bluetooth audio device to keep connected. The Windows Media Player uses almost no recources/CPU, so it shouldn't be a problem for battery life.

You can download a silent mp3 here for example:


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This is so frustrating. I use a Pure Jongo over Bluetooth to stream music to my AV receiver. It had been a bit of a faff to make it work before, but I had found a method and it was reliable. I hadn't used it for a while and thought I was going a bit crazy when I couldn't make it work. Rolling back the driver has helped, but I have to be fast to get music playing on it otherwise it disconnects.

It works fine from my Apple devices, both with and without the dedicated Pure App.

Microsoft - please fix!


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I assume along the top edge of SP3 (above camera & all) where it covered by plastic strip, that's where the antenna is, in my case it is very sensitive when come to bluetooth streaming.
Anyone else having the same issue as mine or I am having defective unit?
It happens on my SP3 as well. In fact, it also happens on my Acer W700 as well (same configuration: metal body with plastic strip), so I guess its something you cant avoid with this kind of hardware design.
Its either you go plastic or go with signal challenges.

Jay Marino

Any updates on any of these issues? This thead was started three years ago and I still have issues with Bluetooth disconnecting and then reconnecting.