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Hello from Tennessee


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My name is Jim and I live in East Tennessee. This may sound odd but I don't own a surface. I have an ASUS Vivo Tab RT. It runs the Windows RT OS so I'ml assuming everything is very similar. I have already learned a few things by reading the threads on this forum.

I didn't really intend to purchase it but my wife wanted a Windows cell phone and off to AT&T we went. They had a deal where with the purchase of the phone, the tablet was $200.00 off and you get a free keyboard. I couldn't pass that up. Being able to connect through AT&T wireless service is a real plus also.

I was a bit disappointed until I figured out that it was not a desktop or laptop and didn't operate like one. Starting to really enjoy it now.


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Nice deal. Welcome to the forum. Windows 8 and Windows RT are very similar as will be Windows RT on devices other than the Surface. I won't get my Surface until tomorrow but using Windows 8 on a PC has been a great primer since everything works almost the same. MS has a great plan if they can pull off unifying PCs, tablets and phones that way. Check out the link in my signature for an overview of Windows 8/RT.



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I wonder what the sales of the asus rt tablets have been like. once retailers have the surface im not sure why you would buy a different rt tablet. I do understand the OPs deal, 200 off is hard to pass up. welcome aboard.