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Hello [Problem with Chat and Camera Selection SP2]

Kevin Ryan

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I am a firefighter from South Australia and have recently purchased a Surface 2 as a change from my iPads. I like to use chat sites with cams but am unsure of how to turn my cam from rear to front camera once in the chat room I.e. Omegle. Even though when I go out of the chat program, the camera is already set to front camera. Thanks for your help. I imagine I will be asking lots of questions as I explore further into the Surface.


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Welcome to the forum Kevin.

Since you introduced yourself and also asked a question I'm going to add to your "Hello" subject line so that more people can see that you i fact have a problem/question.


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Hey, while in omegle just hover your mouse in front of the lower box where
your webcam feed is, and few options will pop up like which camera or microphone you
want to use.