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hey everyone!


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Hey everyone, well I'm not new here but i kind of am lol. Been lurking here months ago when I was deciding to get a surface or not. Well almost 6 months later I decided finally to get one. An i5 128gb 4gb memory (799 @ Microcenter on sale)


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You are obviously a careful shopper about what you buy and where you blog.

You have immediate friends here. Welcome.


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So far I like this thing and this is coming from avid apple user. I almost went the even cheaper route and got an atom powered windows tablet but after walking back and forth between the two for 10 mins I just took the jump on the surface. needless to say my iPad will be posted for sell this weekend lol, I haven't touch it all week.


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Welcome to ItsLymeLite, you are in the Lyme Lite now. :D

Suddenly I have this image of bright lights and baseball lines and limes all mixed together. Its a bright white caustic light with a green tint. If you don't step on the lines you wont get burned. Margaritas will be served during the seventh inning. Play ball er Surface. Enjoy the game. :D