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Hibernate after less than 4 hours.


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SP3, windows 8.1. For my use case, being able to change the hibernate timeout to 1 hour will save me a lot of time spent on the charger.

Thus far, I've tried 4 methods:

1. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2998588 Tried changing value to something less the 4 hours (14400 sec.), doesn't work, it won't accept any value under 14400.
2. Changed value under: Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>System>Power Management>Sleep Settings, and right click on "Specify hibernate time out (on battery)". This does not work on 8.1, no matter what time I set it to.
3. I can get access with Hyper V enabled via Control panel -> power options -> change plan settings -> change advanced power settings. under Sleep change the "Hibernate After" setting. But I can only get these options with Hyper V enabled, which I would like to avoid.
4. Added high performance plan with powercfg, but Sleep options are no longer available to edit in this plan (almost positive this worked in windows 8).

Anything else I can try?


Quote from the MS support article:

Note Four hours is the minimum supported value for the CS battery saver time-out.

If you're looking for something else you'd have to deactivate Connected Standby.