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Sleep / Hibernate - Doesn't Wake


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Ok, So I've seen this, had this, on both SP3 and the 4. If I use Hibernate some times (not all, but a lot) the system wont wake properly and I have to hold the power button down for 30+ seconds to reboot.

What I see is "Surface" on the screen without the circle below it. If I see the circle all is well and it wakes.I've seen this with both my computer, my bosses computer (Surface 4) and both of my Wife's Surface computers (SP3 and 4). The solution seems to be not using the power button to hibernate, or using the keyboard to hibernate. but set the power options to Sleep instead. That is no good for long trips in my laptop bag.

Any advice ? And yes all are up-to-date


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I've had something similar with my SP3, but I always use the Hibernate option on the Power submenu in the Start menu. And it's not the "Surface" screen; it gets past that and gets stuck on the blue screen with the rotating circles.

If I hold down the power button until it closes down, then hold down power and volume down for about 15 seconds, it will then boot normally.

This may be entirely unrelated to your problem, and my fix won't necessarily fix your problem. Bit I mention it because we're both using Hibernate and the problem doesn't always occur.