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Home group password doesn't work

Hi there,

We just purchased our surface RT and love it. However, when we try to hit our pc on the home group, it tells us the password is incorrect. The machine name is moms-pc and the user name is mom. We know the password for sure, as we have to enter it on our laptop. Does anyone know why homegroup connections to a windows 7 pc might not be working?

Thanks! Eric
Just off the top of my head (I've been searching for similar topics recently) I've read that the Surface can have problems connecting when the name has a character which isn't a letter. Maybe try knocking the hyphen out of your 'moms-pc' :)
You may also want to think about resetting your router. Sometimes I have found that resetting my router helps to somehow reset the network between my machines at home. For example, I have found that sometimes my desktop does not recognize my RT on the Home Network and also the HomeGroup does not work (like what you are experiencing). I then reset my router and both the desktop and the router can see each other on the home network and the HomeGroup stuff also works. Why this happens, I don't know.
Thanks, I'll give that a try! By the way, congrats from the colonies on the latest addition to the royal family! :)

though I'm looking forward to the TV returning back to normal, bored of this 'news' lol...
It turned out that the problem was my lack of familiarity with Home Groups. I was still trying to gain access to this Windows 7 machine in a way similar to the way that I do it with my Windows Vista Laptop.

Now, I understand that there is a Home Group passkey/password. Once I entered that passkey, I was good to go!

Thanks for the help!
Just want to add another problem in here rather than make a new thread... my desktop PC keeps deleting itself from my HomeGroup. However, I'm still able to access the PC and all it's files through just normal clicking on explorer etc. any ideas?