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How do I install Flash Player on Windows 8?


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It seems everywhere you go online, Adobe is prominent in what we do. Sometimes you just cannot browse the Internet without Adobe’s help. In Windows 8, it may not be apparent where Adobe lies. However, without both, you may find yourself out of luck trying to view some of your favorite content online.

Our guide will show you how to install Adobe FlashPlayer in Windows 8.
How to install Adobe FlashPlayer
The good news is that Internet Explorer 10 which comes pre-installed on Windows 8 already comes with Adobe FlashPlayer ready to go. If you download the installer from Adobe, it will alert you to that right away.


Click “Quit” to exit the installer.
If you are using any other browsers in Windows 8, such as Google Chrome or Safari, you will need to manually install Adobe FlashPlayer. Once you download the install, go ahead and run it.


You will need to agree to the terms and conditions before continuing, when ready, click “Install.”


It will only take a few seconds for the installer to do its job.


When finished, it will ask you if you want to install updates manually or automatically. For the most part, you should choose automatically as this reduces the risk of you forgetting to check for Adobe updates.
Click “Done” when you are finished with the installer.
Installing Adobe FlashPlayer is just that easy in any other browser on Windows 8.

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