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How do you get fallout 4 to run guys and gals??


This guy on youtube says he got it to work on his pro 4 but it should load on my pro 3. It crashes at desktop load screen? Ive got latest drivers and latest windows 10 threshold 2 update as well.

I tried loading it before the big threshold 2 update and no luck. What am I doing wrong? Thanks


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I got it working on my Pro 3 i5 running Windows 10 by using dxcpl.exe to limit Direct X to 11.0 and 'Force WARP' then running it Windowed.
It gets to the main menu and even manages 30-40 FPS at 1280x720 on Low settings in the menu. But as soon as I get into the game it is unplayable.

I originally thought it was the thermal throttling causing it - which was definitely correct to a degree.
I obtained a USB fan to eliminate this which was successful and proven by running benchmarks and using Intel ETU to show thermal and power throttle.

Sadly it hasn't changed my Fallout 4 experience!

My CPU hits and stays at 100% with GPU load at 1% and an almighty 1 FPS.
Have tried all the tweaks others have tried and published:
  • Using the latest Intel sourced drivers over the Microsoft ones
  • Setting the Intel graphics properties to Maximum
  • Using the High performance power settings
  • Running the game in Windows 7 Compatibility mode
I am really struggling to address this issue, it doesn't happen on the Pro 3 i7 either!


The last bullet worked for me on my SP2. Just go into your steam app folder for Fallout 4 and right click the .exe file to run in compatibility mode with windows 7. It now runs every time at 1280x720. It plays well too.


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I did what gman713 said and it runs ok on my Pro 3 (i7 8G). It's not too bad but not perfect by any means. But it is playable.


Hey, so I recently got an i5 SP4 and loaded up Fallout 4. I think the 1.2 patch screwed things up because the game forces me to play in Windowed, bordless mode every time and will not let me play full screen. I lowered the screen resolution to compensate but the game constantly crashed without warning or error messages after playing it for about 5-10 minutes or when I try fast travelling. It's super frustrating because I have a gaming rig that plays the game fine, but when my kid takes up the TV, I like moving to my SP4. I'm thinking about loadING up Fallout New Vegas and playing that on my SP4 instead.