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how do you protect your surface 3?


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Skinned mine:



I agree. I don't use any protection. Just the keyboard and a sleeve that I got when I purchased, "Complete".


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I don't use any protection. I take care of expensive devices. I don't see the logic in buying something who's form factor limit its CPU and GPU capability, only to bulk it up with a case. Might as well have just bought a clunky laptop that needs no protection.


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I don't use anything to protect my SP3 either other than when traveling I put it in a Booq Viper hard case. Having my SP3 thin and light is what really makes it shine. I did buy Complete and perform regular backups just in case.
Hi, I have been using surface 3 for some time and i really like it. Anyway, as I m very careful with all my gadgets, I couldn't find a suitable case for my surface pro 3. I tried few of them but they are either too heavy or too thick. I am only using the keyboard now. My question is, how do you guys protect it?
The only thing I have done now is using a screen protector as I couldn't find a case. Thanks to it's material the back of surface will not have minor scratches easily like my galaxy note 10.1
Amazon Basics line of brief case bags...very inexpensive and sizes small enough to be just right for Surface 3 or surface pro...$20 or less...and very well padded


My homemade fiber carbon/glass/polystyrene sleeve, light and very strong. I've done 3 crash test (not voluntarily) falling my SP3 1,20m high from my backpacker and no problem. ...


I'm struggling a bit to figure out a good case for my SP3 now that I upgraded my keyboard to the SP4 version.

I used to use the UAG case but the new keyboard has a shorter folder near the connecting point, so it won't fold around back of the case, like the SP3 keyboard. I took my old Moko case and cut the front cover off. This works well but I'm not keen on the look nor the protection it provides.

Right now, I am going naked but using a sleeve(#1 on the list at Amazon) to transport. I may get a skin to protect from scratches, but I'd like to find a case similar to the UAG(gotta be a bit thinner tho) that allows the SP4 keyboard to fold around back.


when im not using it, its in my storm solo sling bag. i have no covers or skins on it and besides a couple bumps and bruises, it has been fine. the keyboard cover has been more than enough for me