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Do I Need Additional Antivirus Protection for Surface Pro 3?


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Good point! About 2 weeks ago the website for our local news paper was hacked. This is a small town news paper. All you had to do was visit the site and click a link to read local news and you were hit with malware. Kaspersky kept me safe. I'm sure a lot of other A/V would as well.

The thought that safe surfing and not visiting shady sites will protect you is no longer valid. The bad guys will come to you now. I would recommend being protected. Which program you use is another subject. There are computer security forums you can visit, research and decide what works best for your own situation.

Exactly. Anyone who thinks otherwise is uneducated on the sad state of the web. Too many websites are insecure and easily compromised with obfuscated code that can lead to exploits and malware. Just follow a few security people on Twitter or security blogs. It's in the news on a daily basis.


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And yet I click and visit many unsafe sites, and yet when I do scans with various programmes, nothing. I'll stick to being cheap thanks :)


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You can try Avast or Avira for antivirius protection. Also down Malwarebytes for scanning male-wares as well.


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I´m also using only the Windows Defender on my Desktops, and MSE on my WHS. I tried Bitdefender once, but there have been to many false alarms from that one. Tools I wrote by myself where shown to me as virus.... Great work...

And everybody always tells there is not much impact on performance when using an antivirus. Well, the "felt" impact was bigger with Bitdefender than with windows defender.

And for all suspect websites or smilar: vmware & ubuntu. Works perfect and keeps the main PC free :)


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Defender is the product you guys are going to want to use. When the Trustworthy Computing group and the Digital Crimes Unit finds a new piece of malware, Defender is the first thing that gets updated. Frequently they will have signatures before other groups do. Additionally MS pays for feeds from other research groups to make sure it is as fresh as it can be. Couple that all with Defender being written natively for the OS and I can't see using another product.


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If you expect to encounter viruses, Windows Defender is not enough. Win Defender will take one look at a virus and jump off a cliff.

If you want to block viruses rather than try to avoid them, you need some good software. I like AVG 2015 because the UI is nice and it's very power efficient in the background - doesn't seem to effect my battery life.
I think some people think using defender is safe enough. Its like wearing a t Shirt in winter. You still be cold so wearing a jumper also you be warmer.
Kapsersky or Bit defender i would recommend for security. Read the link below and you will get a better idea what is better antivirus protection to use

By the way Bit defender doesn't have a large impact on your CPU


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A guy paid me yesterday to wipe his laptop and reload Windows 7. He wanted free AV, and I had heard good things recently about Panda, and put it on. He's bringing it back to me today with a virus.

Seriously, like others have pointed out. even a great AV is worthless without some common sense.