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How does the free Office 365 work?


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I already have an Office 365 Personal subscription. When I get the Surface 3, I will be getting a free year of this. What I really would like is to somehow convert that free year to reducing the cost of the Premium subscription so that I can continue to use Office 365 on my desktop computer but also have it on the Surface 3. Do you think this would be possible?


When you click office on your new Surface 3, it will have an activate button. That button will take you to log into a microsoft account. If the account is already registered with an office account (personal or university) it will replace your current subscription with a new one. I had to use a new email address and register a new microsoft account so I wouldn't replace my university account because I have like 5 years of office included in that account.


There is also supposed to be some way to pay a small fee to upgrade 365 Personal to the next grade that lets you install on way more computers.
I think they are also stackable. For instance if you bought an HP Stream and a Surface, there is supposed to be a way to stack them and make it valid for 2 years on one device instead of one year each on 2 devices.
Has anyone done this yet?


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He he, MS needs a License Navigator App ... I have standalone Office Licenses, Office 365 license via a Organization Membership, O365 as part of MSDN...

Last time I reinstalled Office it said pick a license from your online account... showed me several with no distinctions from one to the next... so I just closed my eyes and picked one. It didn't seem to care.
Even though I have it recorded what originally when with what; MS don't expect me to manage it better than you.