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I'd like to get a surface pro as I think it would help me keep organised. I often have a note book on the go with ideas of projects that I've got on the go/thinking about doing. I've seen videos of OneNote and have started using it on my phone, however I would like a larger screen. I am wondering though, are there two versions of OneNote? Only that on my Pixel 4, I can't find the ruler (I have a feeling there is a desktop/phone app. If this is the case, does the SP come bundled with it for free? or do I need to pay for a Office 365 subscription. I'm reluctant to take out another subscription as I already have one for Google One to backup my photos on my phone. I'm happy to ditch the Google One subscription if I can backup on OneDrive... if thats possible?

I'm so confused by it all! Any help much appreciated.


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Hi there @Freeman3030

Great to see you on this forum. We are not affiliated with Microsoft, but we volunteer here as helpful Surface enthusiasts.

Your purchase of a Surface Pro includes a OneDrive account with 7 GB free, and a limited free version of OneNote. Of course, by “limited”, I mean “partially disabled”.

But for $100/year, you can have Office 365 for up to 6 persons, with 1000 GB per person ((essentially up to 6 TB), and premium functionality for OneNote and the entire Office Suite.

For $70/year you can get a single license and 1000 GB.

OneDrive can be used for ANY and ALL of your personal storage needs - backups, videos, photos, no matter if they are Apple originated, or PC.

I’m a Google Drive fan, Apple fan, and can see useful shapes in all the Clouds. I like OneDrive and Office 365 best.

See Cloud Storage Pricing, Microsoft OneDrive