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Since I just purchased the Surface Pro, I'm trying out Office 365 since it's free for 30 days. I'm really liking it and I was wondering if anyone wants to share the cost of the subscription? Yeah $99 is not much, but hey, if someone has a spot open, I'm willing to pay a portion of it.

What you guys think?



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Your best bet is probably to find someone you know and trust personally, which is what I am doing. I probably wouldn't feel so comfortable doing this with a stranger over the internet, considering that it is something you have to renew once a year, and that the holder of the account can easily add/remove computers as he wishes and that it can only be under one persons account


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I subscribed to Office 365 primarily because I have 5 computers on my home network (yeah, I know, what a geek). So for $20 a unit, it seemed to be a good investment for me. One thing you may want to note when sharing these 5 licenses, you need one credit card to subscribe, that subscription gains you access to activate the software... I'm just sayin'...

Remember, In God we trust, everyone else pays cash! ;)