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How many NEED or WANT a Surface Pro

WANT or NEED a Surface Pro

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    Votes: 21 80.8%
  • Need

    Votes: 5 19.2%

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I envy you. He he. In the last Microsoft event I attended, every one in our table won. I have to do the hula hoop for a Windows Phone
Shirt !
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Hahaha Old School game. not bad :) Hope I can swap your MS Shirt with my Trend Micro SHIRT :)

Still it's a Want for Me.. :)


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Can you add a "Happy with my RT" to the poll? That's my vote.

That is probably where I fall too. Initially I wasn't going to get RT because of numerous other tablets. If anything I was planning on a Pro as a laptop replacement. As I read and watched though I was surprised at how capable the RT is an decided to go for it. Now I don't see the need for Pro for my particular situation. The current laptop is fine and RT is very capable. Eventually a Surface Pro may still replace the laptop but at this point it will probably be generation 2. I am happy with my RT and can use it a laptop replacement for 90% of what I need and for the rest I can RDP into a full Windows 8 machine :D


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I want one too. I just couldn't wait for it so I bought the rt I wish they had a trade in .......so it looks like I will be getting the SURFACE PRO II next year.....DALLASFREAKING EVERY DAY


The survey needs a Don't want/Don't need option.

I love my Surface RT, and use it daily.

But for heavy lifting, I bought an Acer W700 tablet with 4 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD. It has a significantly larger screen with the same resolution as the Surface Pro, and gives me a 9 hour battery life. It doesn't have the Wacom digitizer (which I don't care about), but does come with a great Bluetooth keyboard, a decent dock, and a very nice leather case. Outside of a few initial Wi-Fi problems (solved), it has been flawless.

If the Pro had come out at the same time as the RT, I would have bought it.


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I want one.... but I'm not going to get one I don't think. I love my RT which does everything I need at the moment. I would like a bit more power behind desktop mode but for the money that's not a good enough reason to upgrade. Although the second gen is a different matter. That will most likely be my next tablet/pc.


For me the RT is a companion/the bridge between my smartphone (currently a HTC 8X) and my laptop and desktops. It's perfect for what I need and want. I definitely don't want or need a laptop replacement, which to my mind is what the Pro would be. In addition it doesn't have the grunt I need/want. I run SQL Server, BI, Visual Studio etc. and some of the databases can be fairly large with tables in excess of 100 million rows. When carrying out data migrations or data analysis, I think the Pro would struggle but that may be the case with any i5
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In order to buy surface Pro no matter how much its cost..., the specs that I would say I need on it would be:

a) 1920 by 1080 resolution
b) Dual-core 1.2 GHz Intel processor i3,i5,i7 (at least)
c) 4 or 8 GB Ram
d) Full version of Windows 8 or Windows 7 certainly
e) 1080p HD video recording, 720p HD front camera racording, 3 MP front camera, 8 MP Back camera (for back camera a nice menu with all standard setting and a little bit of extras )
f) Keep the ergonomic structure same with surface 1 (if added a little more extras on design wouldn't mind
g) 8 h battery at least
h) Wi-Fi, GPS
i) keyboard-cover the same with surface 1
j) Good technology applied on the touch screen



I neither Want or Need a Surface Pro. When I got the Surface RT it was what I was looking for a companion device. A tool for when I don't need my desktop or monster Dell laptop.
It is light , fast and capable. Runs for a least the day on a single charge and has never required a reboot (other than updates)
Restarts are mostly just because I want to.