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How many NEED or WANT a Surface Pro

WANT or NEED a Surface Pro

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    Votes: 21 80.8%
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I WANTED the Pro but after accidently receiving the RT (Boss was unaware of the difference and pulled the trigger on the first Surface he saw) and spending some quality time getting to know and configure and work with the RT I know I don't NEED the Pro. If Pro versions start showing up in the office then I'll find a way to convince the boss that I NEED one in order to support them, but I'll tell ya, right now, if it came down to a one or the other, either/or situation, I'd have a hard time turning the RT in for the Pro. The RT combined with VMware View lacks nothing in my circumstance.


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For me it's both. I have an old netbook and an even older laptop right now. Both machines are functional but their batteries are not. 99% of the time my "playing" is done on my phone, not on either of these two. This is why I never bought a tablet to begin with. To me it's just a bigger version of my phone except it doesn't make calls. But now that my laptop and netbook lost their portability factors with the batteries, and are too old to make it worthwhile fixing, I started thinking about upgrading. I thought if I could shrink my laptop into something that could fit in my purse I'd be in heaven. The Surface Pro fits the bill perfectly for me. I can run all the work programs I need and play on a bigger screen. I'm hoping to replace my work desktop with it and take it home with me when I want to.