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please check your battery report


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I bought my surface 2 on the day it became available, and I loved it from the first moment, but after a few days I realized that the battery didn't laste long.
I checked the battery report and I saw that something was wrong, there were no mwh indications, no design capacity and no other capacity.
A few days later I called to the support and I could send the Surface 2 to the repair center, a few days later I received a new Surfacce 2.
Now, it's still the same, short battery life and no mwh stats recorded in the battery report. Ok, it's just the second charge cycle but it doesn't show anything.
What should I do? Call the support again and say that it's the same issue again?
Does anybody else have this problem or does someone know how to resolve this issue or does someone think this is a software issue?

This is the battery-report= View attachment battery-report.zip