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How to change Surface region or Language


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I used to own Surface pro 3 I5 but I decided to sell it and change to Surface 3 because of weight and mobility factors. Yesterday, I just bough Surface 3 LTE from Japan. When I opened the Surface 3, I was so frustrated and confused because most of language is Japanese, although I install language pack.
I want to use it in full English. Does anyone know how to that?
I asked Microsoft about this issue, they told me the item is configured for Japan. there is no way they can suggest. They told me to try to dwonload Surface 3 recovery image and reinstall, but they do not guarantee it will work.

Please help me, thanks


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Since it is in Japanese you have to go into settings (設定) where you look for Regions and languages (領域と言語) once in there you look for English (英語) and select it. Remember to make it system default language.